We celebrate our birthday to enjoy our existence. This is the day in the year which belongs to us. The birthday is supposed to celebrate with your close ones, with the remembrance of the achievements and happiness of the past and to look forward for the new charms of life with some encouragement and freshness. We celebrate the birthday to enjoy the feeling of happily completion of one more year of our life.

When we say about a birthday celebration, it is always associated with cake and party. Cake is quiet traditional and always associated with the birthday celebration. Cakes are very older in the existence. It is said that tradition of cutting cake to celebrate the birthday is started from the early years of ancient Greece. The Greek people used to make the cakes with bread and honey to bring on the celebrations. Slowly and steadily in the middle age it spread in the world. Now almost every loop and corner of world has the cake for the birthday celebration. With the popularity of cakes, the cakes are modified a lot. Now there are varieties of cakes for the birthday celebrations.

With modernization and industrialization, the cakes became more delicious and easily available to the masses. Bakers always keep on experimenting with the ingredient fusion and bring some of the best cake to the masses. This fusion is still going on and cake industry has emerged as a bigger one in the global scenario. It provides happiness to people with the delicious cakes.

Importance of cakes:

  • It gives a feeling of surprise:  Cakes give a feeling of surprise to the birthday holder. They are treated as the sweet surprise to the one having birthday.
  • Cakes are a way of celebration:

When we have to celebrate something there is a definite set of rituals and with the birthday the cakes are associated. Cutting cakes and blowing the candle is the way with which a birthday is celebrated. It is most successful and common way of celebration the birthday.

  • Cakes bring smile to everyone:

It takes a very little to make someone special and feel cared by friends and family. Cakes give such a pleasure feeling to the one having the birthday. A smile automatically comes on the face when someone cut the cake.

  • Cakes have very delicious and sweet taste:

The birthday is the special day. So when it is about to eat on the birthday then you need something special to have. Birthday cake is made with all the delicious and sweeter taste to make you happy and they are special too. That’s why they are special. 

  • Hidden wish in it:

It is said that the cakes are candles are also linked with the spirituality. We light up the candles on  the cake and make a wish. After making the wish we blow the candles so that the aroma of blown candle can take the wish to god. After the wish is made the cake is cut and eaten to express happiness and to enjoy.